We are so far from actually understanding what it is to be natural because of the coercion of pre-established societal norms which dictates the way we think and act. Knowing this, my ethical code is persistent in finding a better truth of what natural can be. My lifestyle consists of doing everything in my power to not play by metropolitan conventions and through uncomfortable experiences, liberal art education, and practicing thoughtful expression with any creative outlet--I believe this to create an authentic path to freedom. This all might sound a little bit righteous and certainly leaning towards an existentialist way of being. Yet, righteous in the way you might think that I perceive to hold the knowledge to obtain ultimate truth because that’s false and it is an illusion. Although, I do concur with the righteous rights of an individual being a part of this miraculous world, and it is baffling to me that humanity (as I’ve known of it) has been opposed to that morality. Leaders of the past majorities, of course, claim to obtain that ²Natural Law² (John Locke), but the intentions are really based on capitalistic motives. So there again, we see the gimmick of Natural being used as an unnatural ideology formed by capitalism.


            Through this critical thought I try with all my power to embrace an artistic lifestyle that’s based on this ethical understanding leading towards a more natural state of being. For example, I’ve been living out of my car and couch surfing for the past 3 years that has lead me into investing my time, skills, and money to converting a bus into Juanita’s Mobile Gallery: a tiny home, art studio, and art gallery. This project allows me to not take apart of standard ways of living which are money motivated; such as not contributing to rent, utilities, being in the slave labor, and especially not shopping for the sake of shopping. These past years I have completely indulged myself into conceptualizing the ideal minimalistic ways of living for the 21st century. Although, I realize sometimes you have to take apart of that evil in order to overcome the evil (investing money into a project that allows me to live a lifestyle not accorded to money). Juanita’s envision is to exist based on a free communal exchange through the creative potential she has to offer, driving towards that wave of freedom and sharing it along the way.